HI! I'am a hybrid designer in branding & digital products.

Im a designer with my head in the creative clouds, my heart in visual experiences and my feet in human-centered design.


HI! I am a hybrid designer in the fields of branding and digital product design with a strong focus on the design process and concepts. I want to make relevant and innovative projects with a great team, because I live to learn, explore and create togeather. 

My creative journey started in Highschool where i studied industrial design, while being a ok student by day and a sleepless gamer by night, I started to merge the two worlds by gathering the stories from my games and merging them into books. It was then I realized that I love to create, learn and explore, to find stories and give them life and meaning.

In the beginning it was all analog, making books and crazy concepts (like the gull beard) in both art school design university and as an exchange student i Tokyo. Then freelancing and working at different agencies but there was something missing. I felt alone and needed to get more digital because thats the future i see, the future where human centered design meets tech and creates a beautiful utopian baby. But how do I get there?

”Design, say hello to tech!  ?  That’s the  future i believe in and where i want to be.”

Then i found it, HyperIsland. A school which had both the digital focus i was missing but also the focus on teams. Because during all my creative life up on that point it had been about trying to be a one man army, being able to do everything by myself and it was ok, but very lonely. Not to mention flat i a kind of way, i mean it was always from one persons perspective, no one to question, clinch or push. But at hyper i learned a lot about teams and about ux, branding, storytelling and tech while looking into the future. In the process learning a lot about myself, who i am, what I want to do and who i want to do it with.

I want to create digital experiences with a human centered approach, push boundaries by creative projects with impact all made by a team with an amazing team culture.


I grew up in Gothenburg - Sweden, in a quite ordinary Swedish family, Dad - my rolemodel - working with people with problems, but on the side trying to become a photographer. Mom working with hearing impaired people and making ceramics as a hobby. And two younger brothers who always show me new perspectives of life.

I loved stories, at summers my gang and i where roleplaying at night and at daytime softairsoft-air-gun wars, making our own weird movies like ”james farmer with right to milk” a spin off ”James Bond with right to kill” (it makes more sense in Swedish) or other mischief kids do. Always creating and making things up. Since then everything and nothing has changed.

Thats it! If you want more mail me at linus@lovbacka.se

Agency Experience

AKQA (Gothenburg) / Designer
AKQA Future Academy  (London) / Designer

Doberman Design Inc (NYC) / Design intern
Start Communication / Graphic designer
Factory F&B / Graphic designer
Identity Works! / Jr. Designer
STARK corporate communication AB / Art Director
Cooper & Gorfer / Partner during my BA exam work 
Göteborgs Operan / Webmaster
Hey it´s Enrico Pallazzo! / Intern
Happy Forsman & Bodenfors / Intern

Clients via Hyperisland

Shortcutt Labs - Flick / Strategy
Procter & Gamble / Concept
Kunskapskanalen / App
Peak Performance / Vj jacket
UNICEF Sverige / Concept
Transdev Sverige AB / Concept

Freelance Clients

The Sound Lab / Identity
Vimy / Webb
A Makers Collective / Identity
Inzpiration Norden AB / Identity
O-viu / identity
GRO hår & skägg / Identity + Webb
Gothlin & Rosén / Identity
Espressobaren / Identity + Print
GAC-Göteborgs Artist Center / Book


Hyperisland / Interactive art director
Academy of Design and Crafts / Bachelor in design
TOKYO Gakugei Daidaku / Exchange study
GK - Gothenburg Art school / Fine arts
Polhemsgymnasiet / Industrial design


Concept developement
Brand strategy and developement
Art direction
Digital design
Design methods
Team developement
User Experience
Interaction design


After Effects
Premiere Pro
Principle / Framer - Leaning