Kunskapskanalen ZAP

Hyperisland project

Linus Lövbacka 
Satasha Wong  
Petra Axelsson 
Nikhil Nair 
Hampus Wikström 
Azaa Ali 

Concept developement
Co UX/UI designer
App identity and strategy
Video & Animation
Team development

5 Weeks


During the "User experience" module at Hyperisland, our team had the pleasure of working with Kunskapskanalen, one of Sweden's most beloved public service channels with their diverse factual content. The aim of the project was to help them understand their viewers needs better and to inspire them to find new ways to captivate their current and future audience. They see the disruptive changes in both the video entertainment industry and in the viewer behaviors witch makes their tv-only offer old fashioned. Online, on-demand and mobile-first has become hygiene factors, but what is the next step? Many online streaming services docent really inspire to find new shows, they try to show you whats already most popular, but Kunskapskaneln want something else. They want users to be inspired by the unknown and to find new interests and knowledge, to explore and play.


Our solution: Kunskapskanalen’s ZAP, a new platform providing short and interesting video snippets of factual content from the moment you start it. The snippets are taken from the documentaries and are used to show instant and fast content which you easily "zap" between, as well as giving an easy way into the full docs. We also realized that there is an importance in engaging viewers for the survival of the service, therefore the app allows the viewers to like, save and share content. They can also record their own snippets from a documentary and share in the social media, which will generate more user traffic towards the app and website.


We believe that one of humanity's strongest survival instinct is learning and sharing knowledge and information. 

But in a age of information overload we need tools to help us explore and find the knowledge meaningful for us.

Zap between snippets

The viewer can “zap” through the video snippets with a simple right/left swipe on the screen. This allows viewers to spend less time searching for the right content to watch.

Discover topics

The easy to use filter will help viewers filter the content shown and provide personalized content.

Swipe down for info 

You can easily swipe down to go from a zaping snippet mode to documentary mode with text content and related links.

Permanent content

Even though the movie disappear after a time limit by legal rights, the documentary page will still be available to inspire and deepen the viewers knowledge.

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Record your own snippet

The importance in engaging viewers is vital to the survival of the service. Shareing is a great way to engage so by enabeling the viewers record their own snippets they both feel engaged, inteligent when bragging about ther knowledge while they inspire more viewers to wiew the content. Which creates more traffic towards the app and website.

Search & Browse

Of coarse you should be able to brows and serch for you favorite ducomentaries, directors, topic or what ever you want. And now you can do that.

Easy guide for beginners

To help the less tech savvy users we made a simple "User Onboarding" also known as an intro guide when you first launch the app.