Peak Performance CI|OW

Hyper Island Project

Linus Lövbacka 
Gabriel Gauffi 
Sarah Freilich 
André Sebastie

2 Weeks


During this Hyperisland Project we focused on "Tech" and where approached by Peak Performance to put their re-branding and new winter collection on the map. To be as progressive and technological as they are with the focus of a mix between fashion from the city and the tech oriented performance of their great skiwear, enabling skiwear to be worn in both the city and at the slopes.


Functionality is something we take for granted with Peak Performance but how can we show that your skiwear are fashionable? Fashion is more about how you look and how well you match or mismatch to the environment. What if you could change the different environments when you show or try the clothes? 

Our solution: a fusion between fashion and ski, the fusion between city and snow. We call it CI|OW, a concept where the clothes controls weather, sound and surroundings in the form of a VJ-jacket controlling sound and projection. The zipper lets you fade between the surroundings, buttons tweak the visuals, gyros twist and turn the picture when you move and a bend sensor in the hoodie triggers a snowstorm.  We prototyped the zipper,  with a mix of Arduino and a VJ program, to be able to switch between the different projections. Showing you that your clothes fit in both environments. With an open jacket you are in the fashionable urban areas and when closing it you enter the snowy mountains. To spread this project we show it at fashion shows by letting the models at the catwalk perform a audio visual concert with the ski-clothes as well as letting consumers use the VJ-jacket in Peak Performance flagship stores. This will then create both a viral spread and push the boundaries of how to show clothes in stores, the webb and at the cat walk. Proving that Peak Performance truly is a progressive fusion between skiwear and fashion.